Rice Purity For Boys

We are revealing the top 10 rice purity questions for boys, so get ready to read those.


Rice Purity Test For Boys

I am revealing the top 10 rice purity questions for boys, so get ready to read those.

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Have You Ever Done physical Relation in Public?

No. I am an educated and civilized person, not an animal who do physical relation anywhere. I think no guy found of doing physical relation in public. If anyone had, then something is wrong, maybe a mentally disturbed person.

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Had Severe Memory Loss Due to Drink?

Yes, during the weekend, I used to hang out with my friends and over high many times. Drinking becomes a part of my habit. Sometimes I got so slowly drunk. I forgot what had happened last time. I worked hard to control the habit of daily drinking.

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Have You Ever Masturbated?

Of course. Every boy found of doing masturbation. I make it do at least once in a day. If anybody says no, it is not digesting words for sure, he is a big liar. One of the best stress releasing activity I prefer every guy must do it.

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Ever Done The French Kiss?

Seen the French kiss in movies, and it gives the goosebumps. I want to try but never done it till now. French kiss is on my list and will do with my girlfriend, who will be my lifetime partner.

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Cheated on Significant Others During a Relationship?

No. I never cheated anybody. I feel you should do the breakup instead of cheating someone. I had gone on a date with many girls but never cheated. I still believe we should not break the hear. If relation not working better to do breakup instead of hurting someone.

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Had Physically Intercourse in Four or More Positions?

Yes, many times with my girlfriend. It is a pleasure experienced and tried more than four positions. I found of trying the different styles. Different positions kept the excitement level high during dating.

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Been in a Fight with Your Friends?

Yes, I had many times. I am a stubborn and very short-tempered person. But my friend knows even the right side of me. I realize things a little late, but by heart, I am a nice person, and they know it. I can’t stay without them.

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Have You Ever Been Arrested?

I do. When I got drunk and done the rough driving and caught by the police, it was an umbersed moment for me. My parents told me that I felt ashamed about the activity done by me. It is among my bad memories.

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Have You Kissed a Non-family Member?

Yes, many times, when I had a relationship with my girlfriend. I kissed her in the theatre while watching movies. My first kissed was a little awkward, and I made a few mistakes, and it was too fast. But it was an enjoyable experience.

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Have You Ever Been in a Relationship?

You can reply. Yes, if you ever been in a relationship. Prevalent question and I was also in a relationship having beautiful memories. Having a relationship is nothing wrong.

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